Unable to set time field in "Due Date" field accurately after timezone change

I’m running OF2 on Yosemite. For a while, I could set my due date and time accurately e.g 6:00pm without problems. Then I travelled, changed timezones and since then I can’t set the time accurately - when I type 6:00pm, OF2 changes it to something else like 9:00pm, worse still, I can type the exact date and it’s changed to different values.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? Any solutions?


Now I have the identical problem as well. Luckily I only use OF2 with dates and don’t care about times, and I typically only stay within the US, so I can set default start times to 3:01am and due times to 8:59pm and it works for me. But it’s a bug all right.

The problem is resolved by simply restarting OF.

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