Unable to Unlock a Shared layer in OmniGraffle 6 (from a file created with OmniGraffle 5)

I just got OmniGraffle 6 and noticed when I opened an previous file that was created with OmniGraffle 5, I was unable to unlock a shared layer. Is there a setting / option that is preventing me from unlocking this layer?

Have you checked whether the Pro upgrade is unlocked in OmniGraffle 6? Our support page has detailed instructions on upgrading to OmniGraffle 6 Pro, including how to make sure the new app knows it’s been upgraded.

I’m also having the same problem, now across versions. I just downloaded the latest version and there are no shared layers. If I open an older document that contains shared layers, they are locked. Please help.


Paula, can you also please confirm that you have successfully unlocked Pro?

I just called support. It turns out I was running an in app purchase version and a pro version. That is why my shared layers were unaccessible or not available at all. I now have updated the pro version and deleted the other versions and my problem is solved. Thanks!