Unavailable Tasks Appearing in Today Widget w/ Custom Perspective

Hi all,

I have the today widget set to show a custom “Today” perspective I made that shows all my available due or flagged tasks. The perspective works flawlessly in the app, but when I set the Today widget to show this perspective, the widget shows me ALL due or flagged tasks, not just ones that are available.

Does anyone know whether this is a bug or the intended behavior? Alternatively, does anyone know how to make it stop? It makes the Today widget basically useless for my purposes.


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Correction: I’ve taken another look at the widget, and it’s showing all due/overdue tasks (even those that are deferred into the future), but it doesn’t show flagged tasks that are deferred.

So my custom perspective shows: Available Due + Available Flagged Tasks

But the widget shows: All Due + Available Flagged Tasks.

This seems like pretty bizarre behavior given that the Today widget is set to mirror the custom perspective, so I hope someone can shed some light on what’s happening for me.


I’m sorry for the trouble this is causing! I checked our issue tracker, and it looks like this is a bug; I’ll make sure to add your post to that item so the rest of the team knows this is affecting you and you’d like it fixed.

Thanks! I appreciate the help!

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+1 to fix this bug. Not sure if it’s related but I also notice that my perspective is set to show ‘First Available’ but the Today widget shows all Flagged items.