Unfocus or step back to previously-focused-on row?

It would be super helpful to be able to step back through the history of last-focused-on rows in OmniOutliner 5, so that users can drill down in focus and then back out. I was about to post on the forum about it and then saw this prior thread,

that suggested it was at one this was a feature in OmniOutliner, but it seems no longer to be, and no one replied to the thread above. All I could find in the current help system was instructions on focusing and unfocusing, but nothing on stepping back through previously-focused-on rows.

Is this possible now or could it be added to a point release like OmniOutliner 5.1?

This is no longer possible as of v5. It was an ability in v4 if you explicitly used the Focus command (clicking on sections in the sidebar did not work for this). It was also only a history of drilling down in the same section with Focus. Is that the feature you’re wanting, or are you wanting a history of every row you focused on regardless if they were in the same section or not?

For my use it would be very helpful to have this feature added back in to v5. I would only want to back out within the same section.

And you’re only focusing explicitly with the focus command? Not clicking in the sidebar? I just want to make sure I’m filing the right request.

I just use the focus keyboard shortcut, not the sidebar. Thanks for filing the request!

Now that focus is switched on by default, it appears that the only function of unfocus is to take the user to the top of the outline and display it in its entirety? Are there any other reasons for clicking on the unfocus button? Does it have any other uses?

Now that I spent more time with unfocus/focus, I can see that it plays a much larger role in navigating through larger outlines. Please disregard my previous questions.