Uninstalling OF1

Ive been using OF2 since it came out, and no longer have any need for OF1. I sometimes use AppZapper to uninstall, but it will remove various Preference files and I’m not sure it won’t eat into something I need for OF2.

So what’s the best way to uninstall OF1?

Thanks in advance.

Just delete it from your Applications folder.


yep. to the trash with you! but i’m keeping it around for as long as i can. upgrades of most of my apps are usually not backwards compatible. so being able to use the same database in both OF1 and 2 has some surprising benefits. i find that, say once a week or so i open OF1, and i think ‘really? no. i need to re-plan this’ simply because i notice things in OF1 i was ignoring in OF2. it sets me thinking about whether i’ve got things in the right order or not. that’s useful to me.

i suspect it’s something to do with the way that i have customised the layout, with fonts and colours in OF1. something i can’t do in OF2, but i hope will be able to before too long. i hope. ;)