Universal capture (Quick Entry) in OmniFocus 4?

I generally don’t like to compare tools because they all do things slightly differently for good reasons.

However, in this particular case IMO universal capture is a fundamental part of GTD.

Is quick entry improved in OF4 (the beta is closed AFAICT so I can’t try it out) to be universal, or will I still need to use a combination of the (IMO clunky) system share menu and 3rd-party browser plugins?

My kingdom for the ability to capture everything and anything into OF with a single shortcut key combination, ala Things.

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I’m not familiar with how Things handles this but presume you’re aware of the customisable Quick Entry keyboard shortcut? (Define this in General Preferences/General). This of course only works when OF is running (don’t know whether Things has the same limitation) which has led to people suggesting hacks such as this

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There are two things:

  1. There is the quick entry shortcut (default is control-option-space) to bring up quick entry. However, this doesn’t grab a link to the current foreground “thing” (which you can do with Things by downloading “Things Helper” from their site).
  2. There is a “Send to OmniFocus” system service. If you select something, you can control-click it, select services, and ‘send to Omnifocus’ which essentially does what you want. It doesn’t have a default shortcut, but you can go to Settings > Keyboard > Services and choose your own keyboard shortcut.

So in the end you’ll likely have two shortcuts to remember: One for “quick entry, no context” and another for “quick entry, with context” using the service. If you want, you could map these to exactly the same shortcuts as Things uses.

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Hookmarks will let you create a new OF item with a link to the original item. That item could be a web page, calendar appt, document, email, etc. Very handy, if the trigger is anything currently on my my Mac, I crate new OF tasks this way.

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[Edit: never mind I found it. Thank you for the suggestion.]


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Indeed. This is precisely what I do and it’s, IMHO tedious. I think the one thing OF gets wrong is universal capture.