Unlock background layer?

An extreme novice here. I created a few wireframes a while back, but when I open the files now, I find that the background layer (where most of the images are sitting) is locked. How can I unlock it for editing? Thanks!

Hi Monkeysee -

I’m not sure of the version you’re using, but the process should be pretty much the same across any of the recent-ish versions. When you are looking at the Canvasses frame over on the left (the pane that shows canvasses and layers), you might notice that the “locked” layer has a ‘padlock’ icon to the right of it’s layer name (or just under the layer name there’s a set of icons, and there’s a locked ‘padlock’ icon there).

If you click the locked ‘padlock’ icon, it should unlock the layer for editing.

If you don’t see the Canvasses pane, there should be an icon in the upper left of your window to show the Canvas pane, or a menu option such as “View > Show Sidebar”.

Hopefully this helps!


Thanks for your reply. I should have mentioned in my original post that I’ve tried clicking/double-clicking the padlock icon next to Background, but it doesn’t change. It won’t unlock.

Any ideas why it would appear stuck in the locked position?


Just to close the loop for anyone who reads this…turns out the Background is a Shared Layer. Shared Layers are only operational for Pro users. I created my docs during the free-trial period, which defaults to all Pro features. Once the trial ended and I purchased Standard, the Background became locked.

Tech support provided a Pro extension so I can unlock and edit.