Unreliable sync on iOS 10 & watchOS 3?

I’m currently running the latest versions of iOS 10, watchOS 3, and OmniFocus 2 on my iPhone. Since upgrading the operating system on the phone and watch, the sync mechanism doesn’t seem to be very reliable. For instance, if I complete a task on my Mac or iPad, the same task remains uncompleted on the iPhone (and as a result on my watch) until it is launched. I had expected the sync to occur in the background with Push sync on, but it seems to be either very very delayed (hours) or does not sync at all.

Yikes! Sorry for the trouble. This doesn’t sound normal to me.

You might make sure that you have OmniFocus 2.17 for iOS which should now be available (just came out). You can check the version by tapping Settings in the Secret bar on your home screen. The version is at the bottom. 2.17 is designed for iOS 10 and watchOS 3. If upgrading doesn’t instantly improve things, also reboot your Watch and your iPhone one time. There are many factors to syncing speed, including your network connection, the power and resources available on the devices used, the size and contents of your OmniFocus database, how far the Watch is from the iOS device, and more. Still, I would not expect completing an item to take hours and that doesn’t match my experience so far.

If you’ve already tried these basics, and are still in the same situation with OmniFocus version 2.17 for iOS, please contact OmniFocus support humans and we will try to get things working for you as expected.

Email: omnifocus-ios@omnigroup.com
Phone: +1 206-523-4152 or 800-315-OMNI (10a-5p PDT M-F)

Hi! I saw that 2.17 was released the afternoon of my original post. As of now, updating to that version seems to have resolved the issue.


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