Unwanted padding when copying as PDF or exporting

When using Copy As PDF or exporting a screen (to PDF or image), Omnigraffle adds an extra 2 pixels to both sides of the object.

This is really bothersome because I position my PDF screens in a separate document for clients, and also export screens to prototypes, but they all have this awful white border around them.

Is there any way to fix this?

Probably a daft question but have you deselected the Include margin X px when exporting? Not sure how this works when copying, though.

N.B. Another source of extra pixels can be when you have a drop shadow applied to an object’s line or fill. The extra pixels will accommodate the spread of the shadow.

Yes, I’ve made sure the “include margin” setting is 0 and made sure there was no drop shadow or other effects.

You can reproduce this yourself. Open a new document > Create a box > Size it to 100 x 100 > Copy As PDF > Paste the box in the same document.

The box will no longer be 100x100 - it may be 104 or 106. If you double-click the copied PDF, and edit the source, you’ll see a 100x100 box in a 106x106 frame. You can resize the canvas to 100x100, but OG will re-add the extra pixels when you save the copied PDF.


OK, I can reproduce the extra margins when copy as PDFing into OmniGraffle or into e.g. a new document in Preview, and when Exporting, even with margins off.

Weirdly, copy into new document in Preview gives different margins to exporting to PDF then opening in Preview (with the extra margin setting deselected so allegedly off).

So I would say bug/undesired behaviour.

Yes, I have this problem too and have reported it (#1364264) but there wasn’t any satisfactory solution.

One workaround is to take note of the boundaries of the area of your screens and use the “Export Area: Specific Region” feature.

But in any case this is a time sink when you need to do this for more than one or two images – which probably an “export slices” feature à la Sketch or Affinity Designer would be useful.

Thank you @adib - I’ve been banging my head against this getting an export for CNC machine to align, and this workaround solved it.