Update on search all content?

Hi Omni community! 🦦 I was hoping I could get some help with search, sounds like I’m missing something on how to do it?

I had to manually go through all my tasks to find the task I was looking for. I searched within Inbox & then Projects didn’t bring it up, & tried what I could think of, keeps happening to me, is there yet a global search?

I’m quite a computer person, so if I couldn’t figured others would also not have either in 2022 ¯\__(ツ)_/¯.

the original posts:
How to search all content? A: with Global Search in v2.8, now in public test
How do you search across everything? Inbox and all projects?

On the search bar there is a drop down arrow next to the magnifying glass click that it gives you search options 👍


Omg ty! 😸 So much time saved now!

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