Updated WebDAV cert, now OF for iPhone will not start

Recently I renewed the cert used by OS X server to secure services. This apparently is now causing OF1 for iPhone to crash on startup as I am using the WebDAV service on my Mac Mini for OF syncing. Note that I also have OF1 for Mac and that is syncing normally with the same WebDAV service. Anyone know how I can keep OF1 for iPhone from crashing?

I think this is something that we’ve encountered before. Asking around, it sounds like you need to install the newly-renewed cert on your iPhone. The easiest way to do this is probably to email it to yourself, then open it from iOS Mail.

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As far as I can tell after some research I was able to export the cert, mail it and import it on my iPhone but OF still crashes immediately when I try to sync.

Interesting. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ve seen that before.

Are you able to visit your sync URL in Safari on iOS?

Since I only have WebDAV turned on in OS X Server when I visit my DAV URL in iOS Safari I see the message “Websites are turned off” which is the same thing I see when I access the same URL using either Safari or Firefox on my Mac. This is normal because I’m not running a standard web site, just a webDAV service, which as I said before is working with OF 1 for Mac (I have that running on my laptop and MIni).

Thanks for the extra info; an Omni tester is investigating further and I’ll post an update here with any workaround we can find.

I had a tester install a build of OmniFocus 1.16.3 for iPhone and take a look at this on iOS 9.2. Unfortunately there’s no way to get around the crash, which seems to be caused by a certificate trust alert that’s appearing regardless of whether the cert is trusted at the system level or not. This may be the end of the road for OmniFocus 1 on iOS 9, I’m afraid.

I understand. I do think y’all should complain to Apple about this since, and I’m assuming OF 1 was using stable iOS interfaces, this is an issue of iOS not providing proper backward compatibility.


We can’t give a discount on the purchase of the app itself (Apple doesn’t provide a mechanism for that), but you get the Pro in-app purchase for free as an OmniFocus 1 customer. There are full instructions in this support article:


…check out the section "I previously purchased OmniFocus 1 for iPhone/iPad — Pro Upgrade (with discount for prior purchase.