Updating actions to in progress status?

I frequently work on several actions switching between them and would like to display them as being in progress, so I can then use a perspective as needed. Ideally I want it to work on Mac and iOs. Is there a quick way of setting a status without using a flag? Else I have to go to each activity, add a new tag and then of course remove it later. I had considered the new extra tag that can be added to the Today perspective but prefer to keep that for ultra urgent stuff.

Thanks for any advice.



Not sure if this is what you’re looking for?

@Kourosh talks about using a script to toggle a tag on or off here.


This would be similar to the OmniFocus flag where you can flag or unflag a task.

It requires Keyboard Maestro to trigger the AppleScript. I haven’t tried it but you might be able to trick MacOS X by setting a keyboard shortcut via System Preferences > Keyboard >
Shortcuts to trigger the AppleScript.

Thanks for the tip, but looking for something more obvious built-in, the only thing that springs to mind is using a simple prefix like ! before a tag and setting it quickly. I want to do the same on iPad and iPhone so it should be as simple as possible.

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