Upgrade from family pack to individual pack not permitted?

I own an OmniFocus 1 Family Licence, bought through the OmniGroup store. I’m the only one using OmniFocus in my family so I don’t want to upgrade to an OmniFocus 2 Family Licence. In fact, no-one in my family ever used OmniFocus but I. The OmniGroup store doesn’t permit upgrading from OmniFocus 1 Family Licence to OmniFocus 2 Individual Licence. I’m effectively using a more expensive Family Licence as an Individual Licence, but can’t upgrade from it. I have to purchase a new Individual Licence as a new costumer.

Would it be possible to change this restriction in the OmniGroup store so people can “downgrade” their family licence to an individual licence before upgrading to OmniFocus 2?

Our store doesn’t allow for this, but we’d be happy to modify your license manually if you contact sales@omnigroup.com with your license info.

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