Upgraded to OF2 and now I cannot get any of my IOS to sync

I am using omni server and I have tried reseting my databases on my IOS device however it just gets hung up in the fetching DB screen. Any suggestions?

What is the preferred synching method? Before I synched my Iphone with my Mac and kept the data on my Mac which I like. But is that still an option?

i keep my data in the cloud via Omnisync server. I don’t know if there is ‘preferred’ way to sync. whatever work best for each. I have never had any issues syncing the last years until upgrading to OF2

got nothing back from support group.

I have a giant omnifocus database. When I synced the first time I had to keep the iPhone focused on grabbing the sync database by periodically touching the screen and not allowing it to sleep (which seemed to allow the system to quit the app).

Eventually it got the whole thing processed and now it works fine without intervention. If you are having the same experience I would try babysitting it to keep it awake throughout the first time it syncs.

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thanks for the reply but my database is not to big. not sure why its getting hung up but neither iPhone nor iPad is getting synced.

goin analog for a few days looks like

@bhamss Please email omnifocus@omnigroup.com so our Support Humans can help you get the apps syncing together again happily.