Upgrading from OF 1 to OF 2 Standard: you lose functions

when you upgrade omni focus 1 to omni focus 2 you lose both functions, perspective and focus!
if you haven’t use them you needn’t to continue reading and the upgrade is worth doing. but if you used perspective and focus one should think twice before upgrading:
having been an omni focus 1 user you lose two important features when upgrading to omni 2: focus and perspectives. those two function have been transferend to omni 2 pro and only for the considerable double price you’ll be able to use them again. the new forecast function in omni 1 is nice but it can’t do what a simple self produced perspective did in omni 1.
thats a very odd idea for a marketing a software: letting your users loose functionality by letting them pay for an upgrade. the new layout of the interface is nice to have but not fare from a must. it does not add anything particular but only gives another kind of overview.

ok, they stated the drop of those functions in there announcement. should have read that before and not bought impulsively just because its an important software to me. but the possibility to upgrade in order to get lesser is new to me. in the past one had the confidence that what you one bought will become kind of ritcher or higher in quality with an upgrade. today they sell you a reduction with the smile of the new.

i’ll go back to omni 1 and pronounce omni 2 a miss investment.

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Perspective, Focus and AppleScript support are all available in OmniFocus 2 if you purchase the Pro version. You must have the Standard Version which is priced lower for people who don’t need those functions.

Just upgrade to Pro and you’ll have them.

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I’m sure if you contact them you’ll be able to upgrade to the Pro version of OF2. I think upgrade from OF1 to OF2 pro is like $40. So if you got standard for $20 you can probably just get pro for another $20.