Upgrading OmniFocus 2 to OmniFocus3

I’ve been using OmniFocus 2 Pro for years, but with it no longer supported fully I’m ready to update to OF3. Two questions for those who have done this before. 1) Purchase through the Mac App Store or OF’s website? And 2) Will I lose all my tasks, projects, etc. that I currently have in my OF2? That would be a real pain and if there’s a way to migrate without losing everything I’ve built my productivity process around for the past five years that would be great…

Your projects, data, files are all kept. No need to worry there.

As is always good practice, though, do keep backups :-)

Availability on the MAS usually lags direct downloads by a few days (or more). But it’s really a matter of personal preference. Good luck!

If you own v2 Pro, you’ll probably qualify for an upgrade discount if you buy directly from Omnigroup.

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Very helpful. Thanks!

This is a VERY narrow use case, but if I can save someone the frustration I went through that will be my good deed for the day. :-)

If you have AppleScripts that manipulate the task state filters of perspectives, that functionality only exists for built-in perspectives OF3. You can’t cycle through task state filters on homemade perspectives. relevant thread

If you have a large database (>200 projects and/or >5000 tasks), search on iOS can degrade to the point of being unusable. Each key press takes >1 second to register at 200p/5000t and increasing to 10 seconds per keystroke at >10k tasks. Spotlight search still works but native searching is shot. relevant post

Thanks! Appreciate the help :)

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