Upgrading to OF 3 for iOS; what happens with syncing with Mac?

I’ve finally upgraded iOS on my iPhone and iPad from 10.3.3 to 11.4 (Apple Watch’s OS was upgraded as well). I have the latest versions of OF 2 on my iPhone and iPad as well as my Apple Watch. I’ve also got the latest test version of OF on my Mac.

I plan to upgrade to OF 3 Pro on my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. What happens with syncing of those devices with my Mac? (I have been syncing using the Omnisync Server, and plan to continue doing that.)

How do contexts and tags “play” with one another? Any problems ahead in using iOS versions of OF 3 with Mac versions of OF 2?

This provides a summary, but in short:

  • data syncs fine!
  • the first Tag in OF3 is treated as the Context in OF2
  • OF2 can’t understand upgraded OF3 perspectives, but OF3 can have both upgraded and OF2-compatible perspectives
  • OF2 will honour, but can’t edit, “fancy”/complex OF3 repeats
  • OF2 won’t be able to honour the additional custom notifications

I think that covers it! The good news, too, is that OF3 provides a two week trial, so you can see how they interoperate before buying (and OF2 and OF3 can coexist on the same iOS device, if you like).




So is there a plan to upgrade the Mac version too? That’s crucial for me.

Thanks! Useful info!

Yep, have a look at the link above!