Uppercase font for styles please?

I did a quick search and found a guy asking for this for OF but I would like it for OO (macOS and iOS).
A heading style, say of, a CSS equivalent

font-variant: small-caps;
text-transform: uppercase;

Visually, having a mix of case styles makes things look better and more readable/ understandable.

Any chance- it’s a small feature and shouldn’t be too hard to add?


I completely agree, geezering! I hope you emailed support to make your feature request in addition to this forum post. I just did so myself and referenced this post as well so that they know I’m not the only one wanting this.

Honestly, this seems like such an essential typographic styling element, that I was SUPER surprised not to see it as an option in the Pro version’s styling tools. In an app that basically depends on typography to create visual hierarchy, how can case NOT be available as a level style option?

Specifically, I would love to see at least 3-4 of the following options (listed in order of importance/preference):

  2. all lowercase
  3. Title Case
  4. Sentence case

Yes, I think I did email them and, I am surprised this hasn’t turned up in one of the updates. It’s something I think about most days I use Omni Outliner.
Along with CSS, it’s so basic and in such common use that I am also surprised more people don’t ask for it as well.

Maybe a switch for styles - this is body/heading
Then in OO you could have styles mapped against h1, h2, h3 etc and have body type at any level.
Having uppercase as an option could then be integrated into standard design principles.
Would solve a lot of formatting problems and thinking structure and meaning of the document at the same time.
Just a thought…

Yes, Omnigroup, please please please add uppercase option for text in OmniOutliner!!