Long time (2007?) OF/GTD user. Love the product, but most importantly the support crew.

10/11/18 @ 08:31
Important need here. Background,
(1) Omnifocus 3 (v119.18) downloaded from App Store as demo / free view (≈20 days back)
(2) Today, trail period expired.
(3) OF is now hung on the “Free Viewer Expired / Please purchase” screen. (Video on left / options on right)
(4) It’s looping with an alert chime
(5) I can not access the purchase function
(6) I can not even access in Free View mode

Important b/c I need access to OF lists / data for work projects. OF-related / driven work at a stand still until resolved.

Thanks for timely help.

I got this bug as well. I was able to purchase a license on the website which resolved the problem. It was tricky as I wasn’t able to type into the fields to enter my license name and SN, because it would loop back to the welcome video screen too fast and kept beeping the system beep. I ended up typing my name into a text editor (for the licensee name) and pasted the serial number below it. Then I clicked into the box to add a license and pasted my name and then the serial number. Pretty annoying. It’s lucky I’m already pretty committed to OmniFocus, as it’s not a good experience for new users.

This is a bug that’s fixed in OmniFocus 3.1, which is available for our direct customers, but we are experiencing a long wait getting it approved for the Mac App Store.

If you haven’t previously exhausted a trial of OmniFocus 3 downloaded directly from our website, that should hold you over until the 3.1 release is available on the MAS. Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to extend MAS trials or work around the bug without this release being approved by Apple. You can grab v3.1 from our website here:


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I’m having this same problem but the 3.1 download didn’t solve it for me. I’m hung at the splash screen with the repeating chime alert as well. If I click the “free viewer mode” button on the splash screen I get another dialog box. Clicking free viewer mode there takes me back to the splash screen. The only way to break the cycle is to quit the app.

Any other suggestions on how to fix the problem?

Sorry for the trouble! I’d love to get to the bottom of this, but I can’t seem to reproduce the problem here in 3.1 the way I could in 3.0.1. Are you running 3.1 from the Mac App Store or as a direct download? If you choose Contact Omni from the Help menu, what does the subject line say?

Is this the dialog you’re getting when you click Free Viewer from the splash screen? (That’s certainly where the bug was in 3.0.1 that we fixed in 3.1.)

Sorry we didn’t catch these issues sooner! The app running in Free Viewer mode is one area that didn’t get a lot of public testing during the test cycle, since everyone had access to an extended free trial during that time.

Happy to report OF v120.2 has resolved my issue from original post.

Complete and clear access to my OF/GTD data.

Thanks to support team for responding.

And Ken — I remember when I started using OF. Right around the SF GTD Summit, March 2009!

That is the dialog I’m getting. When I click on Use Free Viewer (or Cancel) it just takes me back to the splash screen. The only way to break out of the loop is to quit from that dialog box.

The subject line when I click on the “contact omni” item says:

OmniFocus 3.1 (v120.2.0.319513) Feedback

The repeating chime seems as if it’s from a phantom mouse click or key press. The splash screen refreshes every time the chime plays and the highlight bar beside the Forecast button in the left-hand navigation row flashes with every chime as well. The chime and the refreshes stop when the dialog box is on screen but start up again after clicking Use Free Viewer or cancel.

Thank you for the additional detail. We tracked down another case on Friday, so I’m hopeful that the loop you’re encountering is fixed in the latest test build of 3.1.1. You can download that build here:


Please let us know if that solves it for you!

Build r319839 solved the problem, thanks.

I have the same issue with the latest app store version (3.1) and it kind’a sucks to be unable to pay for the app :)

Do you have some sort of an estimate on when the fix is likely to make it to app store?

We submitted the update to the App Store yesterday afternoon, and I see it passed their review yesterday evening, so it should be available later today.

Trying to buy 3.1.1 - doesn’t work :(
It doesn’t loop anymore, just nothing happens when I choose Pro and then click Buy. Or two be precise Standard gets grayed out and nothing else happens.

Then I can click on Pro again (unselect it), select it again, click Buy again - still nothing happens.
Mac OS High Sierra if it matters.

After reboot I managed to proceed one step further, app store asked for password, then told that purchase cannot be completed, contact support :/
And free viewer mode doesn’t seem to sync with the server, so I can’t resort to editing on the phone.

I managed to buy eventually after calling iTunes support. Apparently they considered purchase suspicious and it took a call to make it proceed.

That said, there something for you to analyze as well I believe: I had to reboot Mac in order to even start second purchase attempt. If first one failed, clicking Purchase in the app wasn’t even showing the app store popup and even app restart wasn’t helping - I had to restart whole mac for the second attempt.