URI for Inbox doesn't work?

Does anyone know how to open the Omnifocus inbox via URI? This thread seemed to say that this should work:


But it doesn’t (albeit for me); Omnifocus shows but doesn’t switch from the current view to the Inbox. This URI:


does work and shows the Forecast perspective.

I’m using Omnifocus Pro 2.1.3 (v92.8).


Hmmm. It worked for me when I copied and pasted your link. OF Pro 2.0.4 (v87.19 r222363)

Here too: no problem, copy-paste above link into safari, OmniFocus activates and opens a new window with the inbox.
OmniFocus 2.2 (v96.2 r234177), with Pro Upgrade installed.

Thanks all - restarted my Mac and now it works. Weird. Should’ve tried that first eh?

thank you!