URL and email link doesn't work?


If I create a task with a URL or email address, it shows in plain text. There’s no way to click it. How can I make it clickable?

I can add it in the notes section but that’s just doubling up the work and one extra step.

I’m using Version 2.4 - the latest update.


Hi henders,

I could never click on URLs or email addresses in the task description; it just worked for me as a note.

All the best.

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Hello there! Sorry, but OmniFocus doesn’t currently support clickable links in the titles of tasks (or any other item, for that matter). If this is a feature you’d like to see added, we’d love to hear from you – please let us know how it’s important to your workflow!

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You could select the link in the task name, ctrl-click on it, and choose ”Open URL” from the popup menu, but that isn’t very convenient. But I found out today that there is a script you could use, if you have the Pro version of Omnifocus, while we’re hoping that The Omni Group will fix this:

C-Command: Open links