URL bar broken?

So I’m running the latest Omniweb for Big Sur, test build 633.0.13, on an 15 inch MacBook Pro, 2015 with the dedicated graphics bit running the latest version of Big Sur.

The last few months I’ve noticed that the URL bar is broken. I click in it, you can type a URL, but you never see the URL being entered. The drop down suggestion menu appears and that works, but the URL never shows up. Looking at this forum URL the URL field is currently blank, even though I am obviously here at this site. If you happen to guess the site spelling correctly it works to load the site, but typos etc are not shown. Curiously the search bar to the right of the URL bar works fine and shows text just fine, so it is frequently easier to search for the site you want and then go to the site via the search results—especially if the site you want to visit has a long URL name or something.

Is there some setting I’m missing or is this a bug that I’ve uncovered that only affects me? It almost acts as if the text is being entered at some offscreen part of the URL text entry field, as if the text field bounds is much larger than the frame.


It’s not just you. And the behavior is the same in Monterey.