URL link as text, in text

Pls forgive me if I’ve overlooked the obvious.

Is it possible to format a string of text as a link as such… perhaps using the convention, Cmnd-K?

So that I might have an Action in (OF 2.8) such as: ‘check latest posts in forums’ where the actual string, ‘forums’ was itself a live hyperlink in the body of my task.


Hey @MarkSealey! Good question.

At the moment, it’s only possible to add links and other styles to text in a task’s note, not the title. With text selected in the note, you can find the option Add Link… in the Edit menu. (Feel free to assign this item the ⌘K keyboard shortcut in System Preferences!)

If linking text in the title of a task would help you, feel free to let our support team know. Thanks for using OmniFocus.

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Thanks, Tim! That’s great :-)

Love OF!

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Could you tell me why task titles can’t contain links? I’m just starting to use OF, and I’m trying to bring over an OmniOutliner outline where most of the items are links. It works well for me there, and I’m trying to understand why I can’t do the same thing here.

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