Url-scheme in 2.14 on iOS - what does reveal-new-item do?

Absolutely loving the new URL scheme :-) But:

I can’t make sense of the reveal-new-item parameter. When I set it to ...&reveal-new-item=false&... the usual input dialog shows up. When I set it to ...&reveal-new-item=true&... nothing happens at all.

Two questions now: What should it do? Does it do what it should? :-)


Hey! The test release note from when that parameter was added says:

Added parallel, autocomplete, completed, repeat-method and repeat-rule parameters to the URL scheme. Also added an optional reveal-new-item=true parameter which navigates to show you the new item.

…but it sure doesn’t seem to be behaving that way now. I see that same behavior you’re seeing and will write up a bug on your behalf. Thanks for the report!

That’s what I thought. Thanks :-)