URL scheme syntax for Forecast

Is there any possible to provide the URL scheme of “Forecast”? It is useful in “Launch Center Pro”.

I believe you can open Forecast using the URL omnifocus:///today.

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I confirmed that omnifocus:///today opens OmniFocus in the Forecast.

On a side note, is it possible to use URL schemes to access other built-in perspectives (i.e. Inbox, Projects, Contexts, Flagged and Review)? I’ve been able to open custom perspectives using URL schemes, but haven’t had any luck with the built-in ones.

I’m sorry, the URL scheme doesn’t currently have a way to show the built-in perspectives. (As you say, the custom perspectives should be supported much like other objects in your database.) I’ll add your vote for this feature request.


Thanks for the clarification, Tim and I appreciate you adding my vote for this feature request.

I’d also like to see this–has support for a more robust URL scheme been added, or is it on its way? (I just tried getting to Inbox from Drafts via a url string, and it didn’t work, so I assume this feature has not yet been added.)

With the Universal release of OmniFocus, you should be able to:

  • Access the Inbox using a URL of the form omnifocus:///inbox.
  • Access built-in perspectives by their names (not object IDs) using a URL of the form omnifocus:///perspective/Completed.

These URLs may not yet work with OmniFocus for iPhone v2.4.4, but will likely become available in an upcoming update to that app. (Unfortunately, I can’t make any guarantees about the timeline for that availability.) Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks, Tekl, but that url doesn’t work for me, even though I have the universal app on my iPhone 5c, where I am trying it. It does open OF, but just takes it to whatever last view I already had open, not the inbox.

That’s a bummer! Would you mind sending an email over to our support team? They can dig into this behavior with you a little more.

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Sure–I’ll do that right now. Do you mean that it’s supposed to work, or (more to the point) that you have iOS devices on which you’ve gotten an Inbox url to work? Just curious.

Yep! On my iPhone 6+, opening omnifocus:///inbox navigates me into the Inbox – even if I was previously viewing a different section, like Projects. I’m using the recently released Universal version of OmniFocus for iOS.

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Huh. Thanks for the confirmation. I’m up-to-date with the universal OF and everything. I’ll look forward to hearing back from support.

@tekl I can confirm that the use of omnifocus:///inbox works as you describe in the current TestFlight build, but works as @AbramKJ describes in the current App Store build.


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Hello! I’m currently trying to launch into Review mode with omnifocus:///perspective/Review and it just launched Omnifocus in whatever view it was last in. Running latest universal version on an iPhone 6S plus. Any ideas?