URL title in task.note

So in OmniFocus, I can give a URL a title by right-clicking on the URL and selecting “Edit Link…”. That is way cool.

What I am curious about is, how do I do that using the JavaScript automation environment? I even tried this, on a lark…

newTask = new Task(title, enclosingTask.beginning);
newTask.note = “<a href=” + url + “>” + urlTitle + “</a>”;

Is there any magic for this?

Setting the value of “link” attribute seems to work here:

newTask.note.style.attributes['link'].value = url

For example, changing title and URL of note property of the first selected task:

(() => {
    'use strict';

    // main :: IO ()
    const main = () => {
            appOF = Application('OmniFocus'),
            win = appOF.defaultDocument.documentWindows[0],
            seln = win.content.selectedTrees()[0].value();

        const setTaskNoteAndLink = oTask => strTitle => strURL => {
            // Sets "link" attribute and note property
            // of a given task.
            return (
                oTask.note = strTitle,
                oTask.note.style.attributes["link"].value = strURL,

        return setTaskNoteAndLink(seln)(
            'OmniGroup Website'
    // MAIN ----------------------------------------------------------------
    return main();

Whoa, I am so gonna try that! I think I get the basic idea now…this is a text attribute, and I need to set things that way. Thank you Gabriel! Your reply was extremely helpful!

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You’re very welcome, Richard.