Usability issues with night colors

I have OmniFocus set to switch between “day” and “night” colors on my iPhone, and the way it works out it’s usually in “night” mode. It might just be my eyes, but I’ve found the text increasingly difficult to read in night mode. So, may I ask or suggest that in a future update for OmniFocus for iOS the text colors and possibly font weights get rejiggered and tested for usability? It may be an issue with low contrast, but I don’t want to be too prescriptive here. (As it is, I know the layout of the app well enough that I can generally hit the buttons without actually being able to see them, but it’s still kind of unpleasant having to squint all the time.)


I just got an iPhone X, and I no longer have the legibility issues. So the low contrast might be device-specific. (My old phone was an iPhone 6 Plus.)