Use automation to get OMNI completed projects into Evernote

I wanna archive my completed business projects, all projects I have completed.

Ideally with an app like IFTTT or Zapier.

Direct into an Evernote notebook.

Anybody have any know how, would be massively appreciated.

Thank you

Greetings. Many users find it useful to link OmniFocus to another application for reference materials. It will help us if you describe the ideal behavior you are after, especially since OmniFocus already has an archive function.

For instance, do you want a log of projects, activities, or both? Would simply linking things effectively do the trick?

OmniFocus uses the OS X share sheet to email, and Evernote (premium, I think) has the ability to accept notes via email, so there is another convergence to explore.

Two good places to get started are Inside OmniFocus and Veritrope’s AppleScripts. Then circle back here and ask away!

The ideal is, once a project is completed, it is archived in Evernote as a note with the completed actions & notes if there were any in the project or on the tasks.

I use Evernote a lot and love the search function. The search function in OMNIFocus only seems to search for project and task names and not with in the ‘notes’ of a task or project.

I checked out all your links. Appreciate the response. I do not have MacBook yet, Apple Script seems extremely diverse & useful, also complicated, for me anyway at least.

I did not know OMNI had an archive function. I’ll consider that if I do not find an easy Evernote solution.