Use Forecast tag for repeating events?

I much appreciate the utility of the Forecast tag (e.g., Today) so I can have actions automatically appear in today’s list in the Forecast perspective, without giving those actions a misleadingly specific date of today’s date.

But completing such an action if that action repeats causes a new, identical, action to appear, also having the Forecast tag. Therefore it appears there are two identical actions showing in today’s list–one crossed out as complete, the other not. As soon as the perspective is refreshed, the crossed out one vanishes, leaving the new one present, which gives the impression that it is the original action, never having been completed.

That makes the Forecast tag useless for common tasks such as reviewing bills once per week.

Am I failing to see a solution to this?

For repeating tasks I prefer to use a defer date. E.g. I defer my review of bills to Fridays - so before then, if I’ve completed it from last Friday, it won’t show up.

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Thanks, rosemaryjauyne! That accomplishes it!

When I set this up I see all the routine task that are deferred for the day there is Forecast, even though I don’t have Deffered actions checked in the view. My set up is that I have routine tasks dividied up by times of day (sound familiar?) and then are deffered throughout the day so that I only see the ones I can do at that time. If I tag everything with “today” fo show up in Forecast, then I see all the today tasks, even deferred, in forecast. And, that is not helpfula and I don’t like it. I think a custom perspective is better for these types of tasks.