Use Inspector to Change Multiple Notes

In OF2, if you select multiple actions, you cannot add, delete or edit notes on all of them using the inspector. This worked in OF1, IIRC.

This is a big deal in some situations. I sometimes use the notes section for hashtags, since OF doesn’t do tagging. Now, I’d like to change or delete many of my tags. OF2 is forcing me to do them one at a time, which is untenable.

The notes field in the inspector should work just like the Due Date field – changes in the field should apply to all selected actions.

Totally agree.

I’m in the same situation. Could do it in OF1, can’t do it in OF2.

Please fix this.

I’d suggest get in touch with Omni directly, via email. That’s the only official way to get support and/or submit bug reports or feature requests. Just hit Help>Contact Omni and you will get everything you need ;)

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Just hit Help>Contact Omni and you will get everything you need

In the past, Omni either replies “we’ll write that down,” or “someone else has complained about that, we’ll write down your complaint next to it.” In either case, that’s all that seems to happen. They write it down.

It took them YEARS to add zooming to OmniOutliner, despite complaints from numerous users.

I was hoping this new forum would get their attention, and they would fix the things they broke. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.