Use of Omni Sync Server vs other WebDav

I have setup both SyncServices and a WebDav and although the WebDav is more secure I have decided to stay with the SyncServices because it offers MailDrop. I’ll try this method for awhile and see what others are doing and would appreciate any pro or con discussions on which method is best.

Just to clarify for other folks, Omni Sync Server uses WebDAV also. Whether any other WebDAV server is more or less secure than Omni Sync Server depends entirely on how it’s configured and who controls it.

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I used my own sync server running through my NAS for a while. It was a lot quicker than the Omni Sync Server for me (partly also because I am many hops away, in Australia) but the deal-breaker was that only the Omni Sync Server offers mail-to-inbox functionality. I needed this when using a Windows box, so gave up on self-hosting.

Same here.