Use of Omnifocus 3 and 4 simultaneous parallel?

I assume that the simultaneous parallel use of Omnifocus 3 on iPad and iPhone with IOS 15 each and Omnifocus 4 on a Mac mini and a MacBook with OS Sonoma is not possible or am I wrong?

There’s a note about sync compatibility in yesterday’s (2023-12-13) Introducing OmniFocus 4 blog post:

Sync Compatibility: OmniFocus 4 is fully sync compatible with the most recent releases of OmniFocus 3, and can be installed alongside OmniFocus 3 on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Thank you very much, dear Tim Stringer for the information 👍. I use an iPad mini for traveling and I’m waiting for the new iPad version 7 for a long time. It’s nice that I can continue to use Omnifocus with the old iPad until I get a new one.

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You’re very welcome, @Monika! It’s great that you can continue to put your iPad mini to good use!

p.s. I’ll be curious to see what iPads Apple releases in 2024. I’ve never owned an iPad mini, but I will definitely be considering the next generation.

Sorry for barging in on the conversation… Can we uninstall OF3 once we’re set with OF4? Everything seems to be where it should be in OF4.


I can’t think of any reason to keep OmniFocus 3 around if you’re up and running on OmniFocus 4 and have confirmed that all of your data has synced to the Omni Sync Server. Before uninstalling OmniFocus 3, you could create a backup by choosing File > Export and specifying a File Format of “Backup Document (OmniFocus).”