Use Siri for OF without affecting Reminders?

I experimented a bit with using Siri on my iPhone to enter tasks to my OF InBox. To do this, I had to go into OF settings and turn on “Reminders”. But this changed my set-up in the Reminders app. Reminders there moved to OF, which I didn’t want.

Is there any way to set things up so I can tell Siri to create a certain task in OF, and a different one in Reminders?

To address this, I’ve created another Reminder list called “Time.” When I want to capture to OF, I say 'Remind me to…" and Siri puts it on the Reminder list, and then OF grabs it and puts it in the InBox.

When I want a real reminder, I say “Remind me on the Time List…” and then Siri sets a reminder that works as expected.

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Is there a way to do the opposite? Set it up so that if I say “Remind me to” it goes to Reminders, and use a different voice command to put it in OmniFocus?

Actually, now that I look, the current version of OF2 on the iPhone lets you choose which list OF will read. I’m going to try changing my workflow.

Thanks for asking!

EDIT: Tried it, and it works great. I added a list called “InBox,” assigned OF2 to look at that list under Settings>Reminders.

Now when I want to capture something, I tell Siri “Add to my InBox” and she asks “what should I add?” You can also say “Add XYZ to my InBox” but it’s less fault tolerant than the 2-step approach.

Also, be careful when adding reminders to make calls. Siri will often interpret it as a request to dial. If you say “Add call bank to InBox” Siri will often dial the bank right then.

Very interesting. And if you want to use Siri to set a reminder to go into Reminders, and not OF, how do you say it?

As usual: “Remind me at 10am to check bond futures.”

Or, “remind me in 20 mintues…”
“Just tell me what you want to be reminded about”

“Check bond futures.”

I use a very similar approach: my OF import list on Reminders is called ‘Task’ so I can input actions like ‘Add This to my Task list’.