Use ver 2 and ver 3 simultaneously

Good afternoon, folks.

I didn’t find this already - but correct me if I am incorrect.

Got an iPhone running OF 3, on iOS 14.4, and an iPad mini 3 running iOS 12.5.1.

OF 3 won’t load on the iPad, but is it possible to load OF 2 and still access my existing data?


if you get a prompt to update your OmniFocus database, do not update. Your database will be converted to work only on OF3. If you leave it in the OF2 format, you can use OF2 on your iPad Mini and other devices running OF3. But you may not be able to use any new features that may require an updated database.

Thank you for your kind response. I accidentally did, in fact, upgrade my database to OF 3. Well, using OmniFocus on the iPad was nice while it lasted. :-)

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