Useful but it makes me feel clumsy

After using OF for IOS for many years, I decided to test OF for the Web on my work laptop (Windows) and in lots of ways I was pleasantly surprised by how far it’s come on. So much so that I’m going to pay for this on subscription at the end of the Trial.

Some of the things which are frustrating me (which may just be that I’m not seeing it)

  • I can’t see a way to turn a project into a Task
  • I can’t see how to move a project into a Folder
  • Is there any way to widen the columns on the main view so I can see the full titles of the project against a task
  • Is there a way to reorder the perspectives on the sidebar?
  • Is there a user guide?

I, too, am very interested in having a web version of this great application. The tools of my trade force me to use a Windows computer for my work machine. As a result, my work projects and tasks are not integrated with my personal projects and tasks. I have no universal view of everything that affects my life. So my personal projects and tasks are in one silo (OmniFocus) and my work projects and tasks in another (Nirvana HQ), and there’s no way to manage everything holistically.

When they finally refine the web app and getting it working well, smoothly, and fast in use, then I’ll very likely be a subscriber.

(Sorry. That was a long winded “me too”.)