Useful Calendar for Documents

Does Omnigraffle have a useable stencil calendar that can be placed into documents (such as Apple’s Pages)?

In the stencil area of OmniGraffle I searched for “calendar” and then downloaded a couple of stencils: “Filemaker” and “UX Kits Omni UI Kit”

Each of these stencils had a drawing of a calendar - but other than manually entering every month, date, year and so on - I didn’t see a convenient way of just plopping a calendar down. Is there some type of configuration button allowing one to easily choose the month and year?

Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place.

There is a calendar template in Numbers.

Does it have to be in OmniGraffle? Because of all the changing setup, I would think there would have to be a script to handle filling in month and dates.

It may be possible to automate this using

No, doesn’t have to be OmniGraffle - the calendar needs to have the ability to change month and year (without manually entering everything) and the ability to be place in documents - such as Pages.

I did check out the Numbers calendar template - but it doesn’t look like you can change the date, month and year (without manually entering every detail on your own). So, really, that’s no different than the OmniGraffle template. Not so useful for what I need.

Edit: Actually, Numbers has an automated calendar - you can change the month and year - then all the dates populate automatically.

It’s your lucky day! Look at what Sal made:


Thanks! Not sure how to install this - but thanks for the help!