Using bold and italic in actions?

Surely it’s possible to add bold and italics within the title and note section of an action? I cannot seem to find a way to do this?

In the notes section, yes you can use ⌘I and ⌘B to format text as it’s a rich text field. You can also use the Format menu. This formatting will not appear on iOS.

This doesn’t work for action or project titles though. If you find that you need formatting for actions, maybe they need better or clearer naming? If you really need something to help them stand out maybe you could try adding text formatting around the important bits. ~~ Important ~~ or « Important », for example.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve attached a photo of what it is I’m trying to achieve. It’s mainly for the iOS that I’m really looking for bold italic etc to emphasise titles. The reason for this is that I usually include information into the title area, that you might otherwise place in the notes section. This is so that I can immediately see what I need as an overview without having to click into the notes section for every action. It saves time this way. The downside is that there is no differentiation between the information and the title.
As you can see I found a work around which is to underline the title but this is time consuming and also loses its formatting when in landscape mode or on the Mac.
Maybe there’s another easier way to achieve what I’m looking for but I haven’t found it yet.