Using Diagram Layout with "enclosing" values

The “diagram layout” feature can auto-layout diagrams using data/items in a strict, hierarchical (tree) structure. See 1st example below.

Does OF support other sorts of relationships, such as an “enclosing” one (not parent-child)? See 2nd example below.

Something like this would be very useful for quickly generating org charts. For example, you could represent the direct reporting structure through connecting lines (supervisor <–> subordinate) while also visually grouping related individuals (such as by enclosing all employees in a specific department or team together).

For a nice interactive example of enclosure, see:

In OG Pro only: Select the items to be enclosed and use Group as Subgraph in the contextual menu or the Arrange menu. Once done the menus have items for collapsing and expanding the subgraph. You can draw connections either to the sub-items or to the enclosure.

Fantastic! Thanks, John.