Using Dropbox instead of OmniPresence

Is it possible to use Dropbox instead of OmniPresence. I depend heavily on my folder structure for keeping material organized, and putting OmniOutliner components into the OmniPresence folder means they are not immediately visible alongside the other files to which they relate.

I believe I responded to this same question in a separate email you sent in, but the answer seems like one that others might benefit from so I wanted to share that info again here.

It is possible but not recommended to use Dropbox to sync OmniOutliner files. The reason for this is that Dropbox does not fully support the file package format we use for our .oo3 files, which can lead to data corruption/loss.

If you do want to try using Dropbox, to void potential data loss, the best practice is to compress (zip) your OmniOutliner files before adding them to your synced Dropbox folder. When you want to work on a file, it is then best to unzip the file and save it to a local folder on your Mac while editing the document. When finished editing you can zip the file again, and use it to replace the copy in Dropbox.

The other alternative, would be continuing to use OmniPresence, and create aliases (⌘L in Finder) for your OmniOutliner files that you can place alongside the other files to which they relate. This allows you to reliably sync your files without the tedious steps of zipping and unzipping files, and also keeps a visible reference to the file in your primary folder structure.

Hope this helps!

Is it possible for the situation to be reversed? What I mean is, could the file be stored elsewhere on the system and the alias stored in the OmniPresence folder? (I don’t know well the differences between aliases, symbolic links, etc. in the Mac OS, so perhaps something else would work better than an alias in that situation.)

The reverse is not possible even if using Symbolic or Hard links.

OK, thanks for the clarification!