Using Focus does not give the expected results

I was in the Inbox and searched ‘everything’ for a project. Having found the project I used right-click to select Focus in New Tab.

I got an empty new tab Inbox tab with the title of the project I had searched for. I was expecting to be focusing on the project I had right-clicked on. This happens if I also choose Focus or Focus in New window.

What is the expected behaviour, what am I doing wrong? If this is a bug then I will get it reported.

Thank you for your help.

Hmm, this is interesting. If you change perspectives in that new tab so that you’re looking at Projects or Tags, does it focus as you expect?

My guess is that, since you searched from the Inbox, the new focused tab also started in the Inbox — but with a focus on your selected project. If your Inbox was empty at the time, that would remain the case in the new tab. If you switch perspectives in that new tab, OmniFocus ought to respect the focused project and only show you tasks in that project.

If that’s not what you see, please go ahead and email our support team. They’ll do their best to get you squared away. Thanks for using OmniFocus!

I’ve added your comments to the bug report on this in our development database–thanks for reporting this!

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