Using folders to divide business projects into area of focus

I’m interested in how other business owners are using folders to divide their business projects into different areas of focus. Anyone up for sharing your business subfolder framework?

Here are mine so far



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I’d not be able to add anything since I’m not on the business world side. But … this is … Very Nice! Putting emoji at front is great since OF folders are otherwise monochrome. I like the divisions of folder topics in to objectives or outcomes. They give me great hints in how I might restructure some of my internal folders.

My only thought is whether you’d have any benefit to shorten the titles on the folders. I think that I understand this to be a structure that repeats itself from project to project to project. IOW, it is inside almost every project folder that you have. With this in mind, and given that every folder has a visual icon cue, would you be able to move to a specific folder β€œfaster” by shortening terms? For example …

  • Strategic Planning OR SP&O OR Plan & Ops OR Strategies
  • Wealth
  • Knowledge Quest OR Dreams OR …

Anyway … this is really cool in many ways. Thanks for sharing!


Shortened terms! Great Call

Be interested to hear how you would divide projects on the personal side of things aswell

My personal layout has my Areas of Responsibility sub-divided by folders in categories of projects rather than by objectives for projects.

  • Well-Being
    objective -> keep me healthy and financially sound
    – Bills
    – Finances
    – Health
    – Policies
  • Surroundings
    objective -> maintain the things around me
    – Vacation Home
    – House
    – Others
  • Social
    objective -> do stuff with people
    … projects related to whatever stuff I might be doing in a social framework at any given time …
  • Zen/Tao
    objective -> keep with the flow
    – Weekly Reviews
    – Dreams


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That’s really interesting! I hadn’t thought of doing this (I keep a pretty flat folder structure), but I could see how doing this would be helpful for my year-end performance evaluations (i.e. tying my actual OF projects back to specific objectives).

Thanks for this idea!


Glad this is enlightening. My work-related side is somewhat as follows:

  • Anthologies
    objective -> publish or perish
    – Proposals
    – Publications
    – Presentations

  • Research
    objective -> generate results
    – Projects
    – Reviews
    – Resources

  • Teach
    objective -> teach courses
    – Toolbox (folder)
    … projects that are common for any and all semesters or courses …
    – 16 Spring (folder)
    … folder for just this semester …

    • CH 342 (folder)
      – lectures (folder)
      – tests (folder)
      – assignments (folder)

    … other courses here too …

  • Teach (continued)
    – Archives (folder)
    … folders and projects pending from prior semesters

  • Mentor
    objective -> advise and train students
    … folders for each student

  • Service
    objective -> fulfill service duties
    – One-Time
    – Sustained

I have a single-action project in each folder that is called @Admin > FolderName (e.g. @Admin > Anthologies). I keep one-off tasks in it to administer the entire folder. I have a single action project in some of the first-level folders too when I think it may be useful (e.g. @Admin > Finances is in Well-Being / Finances).

In the spirit that a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a snapshot of the teaching folder …


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