Using Forecast for week planning

This is a comment/request based on a forum discussion for the previous version of the OF2 test… It would be amazing to have option to keep the Forecast calendar pinned in the sidebar at the bottom along with other views – so that you can drag and drop items directly into the calendar.

  • drag and drop to add as DUE
  • shift drag and drop to add as DEFERRED

This would make it so much easier to ‘plan’ work - the first thing I do each week is to decide on what work I should plan for Monday, Tuesday, etc… so dragging and dropping tasks into days of the week (as deferred or due) would be a huge help.

If its not possible to ‘pin’ the Forecast calendar in other sidebar views, perhaps if you drag a task to the Forecast icon in the sidebar it will take you to the Forecast view where you can then drop it in? The first option would make for a much more streamlined workflow, but I’ll take the second option if that’s the only way it can be done.


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