Using Hook to open in link in specific perspective

I see there are at least a few Hook app users here… I posted this in the Hook forum, and it was suggested to post here…

When I click on a Hook link to open an Omnifocus task, it opens in that project. My most common “project” is “Single Task”, used really just for 1 time tasks. But they may be recurring, and typically I’d have a hook link in the OF note field to hook back to the other app.

So typically, when clicking on a link that will open in OF, it opens in this very long list of tasks that are in my “Single Task” project. That active task is also in my most used perspective, TODAY. I would love for it to open in the TODAY perspective, instead of the Single Task Project.

I suspect there’s no way to do that, but any thoughts/ work arounds appreciated!

Answer on Hook Forum was:

I recommend asking on [OmniFocus/OmniFocus for Mac - The Omni Group User Forums ], and linking to this post.

Depending on the answer, one may be able to tailor Hook’s Open Item script: to open in right perspective.

Here is LINK to post on Hook forum


Unfortunately, there is no way to do this without elaborate scripting. When OmniFocus is asked to open a task, it will always use the “Projects” perspective.

You may want to consider hardcoding “omnifocus:///forecast” or “omnifocus:///perspective/Custom” into your Hooks. Or, just develop a hotkey checking habit to look at these perspectives often.

Thanks-- that’s what I’m seeing on the hook forum as well… will develop a work around as suggested.

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