Using OF2 and OF1 with the same data file

When I launched OF2 it successfully ported my data to the new containers location. Now my OF1 continues to open to old data in its old location.

Is there anyway to tell OF1 to read its data from the new location in containers, so that I can use either application? I would like to be able to switch back and forth while I am learning OF2’s idiosyncrasies.

If you set up Omni Sync on OF1 and OF2, you can sync both databases. The OF1 database and OF2 databases are stored separately so you can try things out. But if you set up the sync to Omni’s sync services, you can just click the sync button to get both databases back on track. Look in the Preferences section.

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OF2 is sandboxed, meaning that the application will only have access to a specified set of files in a certain location (called the sandbox). This allows for a higher level of security, as the system will keep applications seperated from each other and from the system, containing malicious code within the respective application’s sandbox. Unfortunately, that also means that OF2 cannot access OF1’s database as they technically are two seperate applications.

However, as you have found, the database format itself has remained unchanged, meaning that OF2 can work on a OF1 database and vice versa. Therefore, and as @wilsonng suggested, the easiest solution is to set up any means of synchronisation (be it to the OF cloud, your own WebDAV server or something else) and keep the different OF versions (as well as your mobile devices, if you wish) up to date that way.

Ok having them both sync to each other might be the way to go.

@Lars - yes I know OF2 is sandboxed, but OF1 isn’t. So. I was hoping for a way to point OF1 to the OF2 data file.


In that case, I’m not familiar enough with sandboxing under Mavericks. You might be able to do some filesystem magic, like mounting or symlink tricks, but I don’t know nearly enough to even guess.

The idea of having two different data files was to give people transitioning over to OF2 a sense of security that you can still use OF1 alongside OF2. If you didn’t trust OF2 enough, you knew hat your OF1 data was still safe and wasn’t being mangled by any possible SNAFU in OF2.

syncing OF1 and OF2 is the way to go if you want to sync both.

I’m syncing both versions and its working. Thanks everyone.