Using OG to generate a PDF with full bleed

I need to make up an 8.5" x 14" PDF for a commercial printer. I want the images to bleed right to the edge of the page, with no margin. Is that something I can do with OmniGraffle, and if so, how?

You should be able to.

Try Page Setup and create a custom page style for what you want:

  • 8.4 x 14
  • 0 margins

and save it.

I have not tried this but may as I need that functionality, too. I usually export my image as a PDF (via Artboards) and print them. The margin is about 1/4" but I don’t know if that is limits of printer or something coming from OG.

Good idea, but for some reason the result is a 7.7" x 13.5" document. Yes, it’s full bleed if I export it to a PDF, but the size is screwy. It isn’t even a consistent offset in the dimensions; the width is too small by 0.8" (or about 10%), and the height is too small by 0.5" (or about 4.5%). Very weird.

By dint of trial error, I finally found that specifying a no-margin 9.3" x 14.49" document in “Page Setup” leads to an exactly 8.5" x 14" document. Some more investigation confirmed: OmniGraffle is ignoring the page margin sizes; it doesn’t matter what my margins are.

After all that, I found a better way to do this. In the “Canvas” property sheet, under “Canvas Size”, turn off “Size uses printer pages”. This changes the height and width spec above from pages to inches, and I can then specify an exactly 8.5" x 14" document, which properly exports into an 8.5" x 14" PDF. To do multiple pages, I add multiple canvases. Bingo.

Thanks for the help.

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You might eMail Omni about the page size issue. I should work and doesn’t make sense why it does not…unless they have some logic behind what it is doing.

Glad it worked out…and I will check some of my setting to ensure I don’t have a similar issue going on.