Using OmniFocus 2 for small business

Hi. I have just bought Omni Focus 2 for running my business from home. I have various clients who I do work for and I need a way to organise their tasks. Some of which will be repeating, some one-offs and some ongoing projects. I’m not sure if I should just have a folder for each client or a project for each client. What would be the best way of tackling my set up so I can start managing everything through OF2?


I typically create a folder for one-off customers and put all those single projects into that folder.

But if I have a repeat customer, i will create a separate folder for that particular client. it is especially helpful when I have concurrent multiple projects. It helps to group that client’s projects into one folder.

One-off customers don’t need to have their own folder. They’ll belong in the one-off folder. My current one is called “Walk-In Clients”. They typically walk in for a single job. You might find another name for your clients.

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