Using OmniOutliner to develop lectures

Hi, I am exploring using OmniOutliner for developing lectures for some geophysics classes I teach. I’m new to OO (just using the trial version) and I’m curious if there’s anyone out there that also uses OO to develop lectures. If, so, I’d love to hear about your workflow for using OO to develop a class.

It seems great so far for organizing my thoughts, but it seems less great for integrating math, or for creating lecture notes to take with me to class, but like I said, I’m still learning…

Here’s one to get you started. Clicking to ‘OmniOutliner’ in the tag cloud to the right will bring up other articles. I’ve used a lot of what Aleh recommends.

Thanks. It’s a great blog. However, I’ve looked through many of these, but haven’t found much related specifically to class preparation and teaching.

I tried developing a lecture in it this week, but when I started adding images to the outline it crashed and lost my changes. So far, it seems like a good way to sketch out a lecture, but perhaps not to put in all of the details.

I think you have accurately identified its best use in prepping lectures. I’ve actually moved to using iThoughtsX, which is a superb mind-mapping programming, for my lecture preparation. It fits my aggressively non-linear process in developing lectures better than an outlining program can. It also imports and exports approximately everything, so you can go to/from OO via OPML if you wish.

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Thanks, I’ll look at iThoughtsX. I haven’t figured out mind-mapping yet, so it might help there too.