Using OmniPlan for iPad and OmniOutliner for Ipad

My workflow often has me doing my brainstorming of work activities in OmniOutliner for iPad and then migrating the tasks into a work plan in OmniPlan for iPad. I have not found a decent way to export from OO for iPad to OP for iPad as the “send to app” function and selecting any of the choices (OO, OO template, Dynamic HTML, Simple HTML, Word) results in an error “Unable to open file. OmniPlan cannot open this type of file.” Is there any way to allow these two apps to work together on the iPad? I enjoy both and have found them to be my go to apps for managing my portfolio of projects.

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I had this same question and was told by OG support that there is an open feature request for importing OO documents into OP, but that right now OP can only import MS Project files (and then only if you have Pro).

I’m hoping they can add some sort of plain-text or OPML type import, akin to the TaskPaper import they added to OF. That sure would make OP more versatile and useful.