Using OmniPlan outside of "Project Planning"

I purchased Omniplan recently in order to try and better organize and plan a brand refresh that we are launching in 2 weeks. I have to say that I did not really get to use Omniplan at all for what I had hoped. As a small one man show (with just a few contractors) I never felt that I could take the time to learn how to properly use Omniplan. We are on schedule to launch though.

Now that I own Omniplan though, I was wondering what else I could use it for. I would love to come up with a better way to manage and plan our social media posts, blog posts, etc. Does anyone use Omniplan like this? Would you be willing to share a project with me so that I could have somewhere to start?

I think answers from actual customers will be way, way better than any I provide as an Omni employee, but I still wanted to mention that our refund policy definitely applies to a situation like this.

When someone tries one of our apps out, we feel it’s really important that they not end up bearing the risk or cost if our tool isn’t right for them. Regardless of whether you end up keeping the app, thanks for trying it!