Using Parent Project/Action Group Due and Defer Dates to Auto-Calculate Task Dates?


Is it possible to use the due and defer dates of the parent project or action group as a variable to calculate and set the task due and defer dates relative to the parent’s dates. For example, if the parent project’s due date is set to January 30th, is there a way for me to type the task due date “due-4days,” so it would be due on January 26th?

I’d expect it to be calculated just at the moment it is set, not to be automatically recalculated whenever that original due date is changed.

You can’t do this natively in OmniFocus, but you can do it if you setup a project using Taskpaper. There is a caveat though, once you’ve created the project, actual dates are added to actions, not relative dates, so if your project dat changes, the actions within the project will not update to reflect the new timescales.

You can find more info on Taskpaper here. OmniFocus TaskPaper Reference Guide - Support - The Omni Group